Reigniting Jump of the Month!

We originally started JOTM in 1999 on AAW and gradually phased out and into rewarding every new jumpsite submission with an AAW T-shirt and bumper sticker. We will continue this tradition.

In addition to this, our new Jump of the Month will be focused on one chosen cliff jumper who will be showcased with special recognition on our site.

Our judges: Leah Angie will choose their favorite from all entries sent. The winner will receive an extra BONUS package which will include an AAW T-shirt, bumper sticker, and other memorabilia & gifts.

JOTM Prizes for July

1.) AAW t-shirt & Sticker.
2.) AAW Hoodie.
3.) AAW Beanie.
4.) One book of Colorado Cliff Diving
5.)Local Idiots winter hat & sticker assortment. Local Idiots

JOTM Contest Rules:

1.) Rules can change if necessary.
2.) No video postings(for the contest). You can upload videos to your members page.
3.) Must have at least 7 photo entries before it’s game on. We need seven different jumpers to upload one photo before a winner can be crowned.(thanks Travis)
4.) Photo must be HD or at least vivid. No grainy or blurry photos. (who wants to look at those?) They also need to be larger size. No little tiny photos please.
5.) You cannot use same photo once you’ve won. Yes, you can enter every month. You can upload same photo every month, if you want, until you win. Once you win, you can continue to play with a new photo. The photo you won with can no longer be uploaded.
6.) You must re-enter/post your photo or provide new one, if you do not win. Photos will not auto post to next month of competition.
7.) Jumps must be from cliffs, bridges, buildings or trees. No pools or (Redbull platforms).
8.) Only one photo per month.
(thanks Nick C)
9.) You must be in the AAW in your photo.
(thanks Kyle O)
10.) No naked photos!! (thanks Jaben B)

11.) If you see that your photo is not worthy compared to all or some of the others and it’s not the end of the month – you can upload a replacement.
12.) Multiple jumper photos are acceptable. Prizes for a win go to only one jumper.

JOTM Member Page.

On this site, you have your very own page – just like facebook. You can post, follow other members, upload, comment, like, get notifications and all that good stuff right here on Jump of the Month… CHECK IT OUT MAN!!